[VIDEO] Two Eleven Year-Olds Are Forced To Fight In Chicago Classroom As Adult Cheers…

[VIDEO] Two Eleven Year-Olds Are Forced To Fight In Chicago Classroom As Adult Cheers…

A disgraceful video has emerged displaying two 11 year-old boys being forced to fight inside an elementary school classroom in Chicago – with an adult aid heard off camera encouraging them on.

The boys were supposedly constrained to fight each other by the aid supervising them during an after-school program at Stagg Elementary School in Englewood this last Monday.


One of the boys who was fighting, Gerald Jackson, spoke with reporters saying, ‘She said that if we didn’t fight, we were going to get beaten up…by her.’

The video went viral on social media after one of the boy’s classmates recorded the whole ordeal and posted it online.

Gerald, is the one dressed in a yellow shirt and is seen throwing his friend Michael Bowman to the ground and pinning him down in a neck choke.


Throughout the whole recording, the woman, who’s identity has yet to be revealed, is heard ordering the boys to scrap each other – but also reminds them to see to it that they stay friends after the fight.

Gerald’s mother, Tameeah Blackshire, said both he and his friend were left in shock – and that Gerald had to be taken to the hospital after the fight because he was suffering the effects of a panic attack.

‘When I first asked what happened, he started to cry and said, “Mommy, she made us fight.”’

Michael’s right eye was left black and blue with blurred vision, his mother told reporters. Gerald also claimed that before the fight even began, the aid had locked the classroom door so no one came in or out.

‘It makes you very angry, knowing you have a son and that’s not something you’re teaching him at home – but that’s something that at school, they’re condoning,’ Tameeah stated to WGN.

The police are still in the process of investigating the incident.

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