[VIDEO] WAKE UP PUPPY! Cleo the adorable puppy just won’t wake up from her nap

Have you heard the phrase ‘sleeping like a baby’. Well this adorable puppy Pit Bull named Cleo doesn’t want to wake up from her nap no matter how much her owner tries to rustle her from her sleep, but then again she IS a baby.

cleo the puppy

A clip of the cute pup in a dream state was posted on YouTube by RM Videos on November 5th and already has almost 200,000 views.

Cleo lays sprawled out on her back in an impenetrable slumber. Could she be dreaming of dog treats? Or baseballs? Her stern yet delicious expression makes it difficult to tell what’s going on in her reveries.
‘Cleeeoo,’ says the dog’s owner as she tries ticking her awake with her finger in various spots on her little body.

At one point she puts her finger in the dog’s mouth. Cleo, who would have nothing of that, gives a little stretch but then turns on her side and goes back to sleeping again.

Her owner tries lifting the dog’s paws and even puts her finger to giver the puppy a tickle but Cleo it seems, is a professional napper.

No matter how times I watch this video I’m overcome with this puppy’s sleepy cuteness.

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