VIDEO: Watch the hideous moment Dr. Pimple Popper causes a cyst to ERUPT from behind a man’s ear

VIDEO: Watch the hideous moment Dr. Pimple Popper causes a cyst to ERUPT from behind a man’s ear

Dr. Sandra Lee, aka ‘The Pimple Popper’, is at it again. This time it is a HUGE cyst behind a patient’s ear. This is pretty gross even for those with iron stomachs.


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From the Daily Mail:

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A circle marks the spot as the camera zooms in on a cyst lurking behind a man’s ear.

Then, over the next two-minutes, a revolting clump of congealed dead skin cells are forced out of the incision, using a combination of fingers, scalpels and tweezers.

The toe-curling contents resemble cottage cheese that’s past its sell-by-date.

The unnamed patient is visiting Californian dermatologist Dr Sandra Lee – known as Dr Pimple Popper – who can be seen cutting away the affected area with a pair of surgical scissors.

She explains the man has a type of cyst, most likely having occurred from when hair follicles become blocked with wet, dead, skin cells.

A bag – called a sac – forms around the mashed up cells, and it can continue to grow bigger as the skin regenerates itself – causing a raised lump.

‘I’m trying to get it out whole because if I do that, there’s a better chance it doesn’t come back,’ she says while operating.

‘A cyst has a little sac it’s enclosed in and if I don’t remove the entire sac, it can just come right back. It’s like a worm that regenerates or something.’

She can be heard asking ‘I’m not hurting you right?’ with the patient confirming she isn’t before she says she’ll have to ‘give it a little squeeze.’

Wearing surgical gloves, Dr Lee then uses an index finger and thumb on different hands to squeeze at the spot.
A lumpy, potato-like substance slowly appears from the wound.

‘See that’s the cyst contents right in there.’

Dr Lee talks the patient through the how his skin has ‘flaked off’ into an area, as she tries to drag it out with surgical scissors.

She gently snips at the sac while using tweezers to prise free the mass of dead skin cells, all the while commenting how quiet her patient is being in the two-minute clip.

‘Sometimes when I work on people they get really quiet. You’re ok right? You’re still breathing under there?’ she asks as she continues to snip.

Then, a woman can be heard exclaiming ‘wow’ just as Dr Lee pulls the revolting contents cleanly away from his head.
She then dabs at what’s left of the wound, which is now nothing more than a pink and fleshy cut, with a cloth and then a cotton bud.

Dr Lee is then filmed as she uses three ‘little stitches’ to close the small hole, which she explains will be ‘out in a week’.

Pretty gross, if you ask me. Glad that this is all just a memory for this patient.

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