VIDEO: Watch Trump’s Security Guard TAKE DOWN Liberal TIME Reporter

VIDEO: Watch Trump’s Security Guard TAKE DOWN Liberal TIME Reporter

This election is becoming quite the rumble…tension is high, and everyone just seems to be pmsing, a little bit more than usual. The contention was thick at a recent Trump rally, things were said, actions were taken…all of which had nothing to do with unity.


With protesters and counter-protesters getting physical, a lot of Donald Trump’s rallies have turned into spectacles like The Donald’s professional wrestling career. The only difference is that the violence is real, the stakes are higher and Vince McMahon’s greasy visage is thankfully nowhere to be seen.

Things were so bad at a rally in Virginia yesterday that a reporter actually got physical before being put in a choke-hold by the Secret Service — proof that things are getting more and more insane.

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While plenty of Trump supporters showed up, so did plenty of Black Lives Matter activists. Things, as they say, were about to get real.

CNN reported that the protesters initially resisted efforts by security to force them to leave the premises. However, they eventually did leave the building, fists raised in the air.

Meanwhile, Trump responded by saying “All lives matter!”

The crowd would chant that phrase, much hated by liberals, after the protesters’ ejection.

However, things were still very hairy indoors. One reporter from Time received a “choke slam” from the Secret Service on video.

According to the Independent Journal, the photographer — identified as Chris Morris — had engaged in a heated argument with a Secret Service agent, which is never the best idea. That idea got even more not good when the photographer told the Secret Service agent “f*** you!” while trying to get a better angle.

Here’s video of the confrontation before the choke slam. (WARNING: LANGUAGE)

That wasn’t the end of the controversy, though. Trump managed to stoke the fire even further, asking one of the protesters if she was from Mexico.

While the incident will add yet another layer of controversy to a Trump campaign that routinely gets buried under it, it’s worth pointing out that Trump had little to do with the reporter choke-slam. The Secret Service is totally independent of the Trump campaign, and anyone over the age of 5 knows that telling an agent “f*** you” isn’t exactly a great way to ensure a drama-free day.

It all just sounds like one big headache… When the focus is who is right and not what is right- there are no answers.

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