Video: What’s On The Back Of This Giant Wolf Spider Will Haunt Your Nightmares

If a quarter-sized spider makes you run for the hills, this is not the story for you. Put down the shoe and pick up a brick because this this large spider and her precious cargo are definitely more than you bargained for.


According to The Blaze:

The Facebook user going by Bobby Brown posted a video last week, which he then uploaded to YouTube this week, showing a wolf spider walking along. As it got closer, the men saw that its back was full of squirming baby spiders.

“Dude, look at the babies on its back,” one of the men said.

As the spider continued closer toward them, the videographer said, “Dude, f*** that” and cut out.

Video below; watch it if you dare. (WARNING: Predictably strong language.)

I consider myself to be somewhat arachnophobic, and creatures like this are exactly why. But when you think about it, this spider is a better mother to her brood of babies than most humans. So shoutout to this spider for setting an example that some mothers could learn from.

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