[VIDEO] Woman that Was Burned Alive’s Father Delivers Message to Daughter’s Killer

“The Real Story” updated us this afternoon on the continuing investigation into the murder of a 19-year-old Mississippi woman who was burned alive. This father will not let his daughter’s killers get away with this horrifying crime:

Jessica Chambers Graduating High School

Jessica Chambers Graduating High School

Jessica Chambers’ father, Ben, vowed that whoever killed his daughter would be brought to justice.

“To the person that done this: They’re coming for you. They’re working day and night, day and night, away from their own families,” he said, calling for the killer to eventually be kept in solitary confinement.

Chambers said he never knew of his daughter having any enemies. He also said he is relying on faith to get him through this difficult time.

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“It’s hard to believe this is for a reason. But I know something good has to come out of this. I know the Lord has some plan for something. It’s the whole community, the whole world coming together. I believe something good has to end up coming from this,” said Chambers.

The autopsy has been completed, but officials have not disclosed much about what it revealed.

Earlier this week, the ATF, U.S. Marshals and FBI joined in the investigation.

Chambers was found badly burned on the night of Dec. 6 walking away from her burning vehicle. Shortly before the attack, Chambers was a seen on surveillance video at a gas station.

Authorities have said that a man who was working at the gas station has been cleared. Before she died, Chambers is said to have given a name to a first responder.

May these killers be swiftly apprehended and Jessica Rest in Peace:


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