[VIDEO] You won’t want to miss this McKnockout.

[VIDEO] You won’t want to miss this McKnockout.

After a customer got rowdy at a McDonald’s in Michigan, he was politely asked to leave and exited the building.  Upon his return, a McDonald’s employee was not as polite or welcoming.


“This is the moment when a McDonald’s employee has had enough with an abusive customer – and knocks him out cold in the middle of the restaurant.

The incident, caught on tape by a guest, took place in the early hours of Thursday near Michigan State University in East Lansing, Michigan.

According to witnesses, the victim, wearing a white shirt, had been kicked out of the McDonald’s after spitting and abusing staff, and was knocked out by a kitchen worker as he tried to get back in

The video, shot around 2am on Thursday morning, shows a patron and a McDonald’s employee, dressed in black, speaking to a man standing out of shot outside the doors to the restaurant.

Witnesses say the man had just been rejected from the restaurant after spitting on the counter and throwing a ‘Caution: Wet Floor’ sign at employees behind the counter, MLive.com reports.

After abusing staff, the young man in the white t-shirt had first been asked to leave, before kitchen staff escorted him out of the building.

The video starts as the man attempts to get back into McDonald’s, and as the patron and the cashier speaks to the man, a second McDonald’s employee – allegedly a member of the kitchen staff, approaches. 

He is seen walking around his co-worker, approaching the man in white who briefly appears on camera.

The next moment, the McDonald’s worker, dressed in a blue shirt, and apron and a black hat, knocks him out with one punch. 

‘He [the customer] definitely instigated it,’ Kevin Lange, a Michigan State student who filmed the incident told MLive.

‘But, it got taken too far. He didn’t have to get punched, he could have got pushed out and told not to come back.’ 

Police reported that the young man’s injuries were not life-threatening and that they are investigating the assault. “

This guy walking back into this McDonald’s acting like the Big Mac, deserved to be knocked out.  He is lucky he didnt get a McFlurry of punches as opposed to the one he received.  I supposed that the employee will lose his job, but I’d give him a raise.

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