[VIDEO] Adoptive Parent’s Dilemma After Adopted Son Molests SIX of Thier Other Kids…

[VIDEO] Adoptive Parent’s Dilemma After Adopted Son Molests SIX of Thier Other Kids…

Absolutely sad. This heartbreaking story about and love devotion of parents even when the child has made a terrible mistake is how it should be – they will not give up.

More from the Daily Mail and Kiro 7:

Seattle Couple

A Seattle couple discovered their 12-year-old adopted son was molesting their other children and are now suing the Department of Social and Health Services, who they say failed to reveal to them the boy’s startling past.

Trish and Steven, who’ve withheld their last names from reporters, say their social worker and the state neglected to tell them that at his previous home the boy wasn’t even allowed to be in the same room as younger children.

When they learned was he was capable of, it was too late. They say he’s now been convicted of child molestation.

Now there’s no where for the boy to go and, since he’s not allowed to stay with their other children, Trish and Steven must pay for him to live in a separate home from the one where they’re raising their six other kids.

The nightmare began shortly after they adopted the boy.

Trish told state officials: ‘We can handle his behaviors as long as he’s not a danger to my children.’

The boy was placed in the couple’s home along with two other foster children and the couple’s four biological children.

Two months after his March 2013 adoption, Trish and Steven’s 8-year-old adopted son began made ‘sexual gestures,’ KIRO reports.

The 8-year-old soon admitted to his parents what his adopted older brother had done.

‘I was getting scared,’ Trish said. ‘Then he said, he does this to our other one too. I lost it. I was crying.’

But the situation only worsened thereafter. Trish and Steven spoke to their other children and all six had been fondled or otherwise molested by the eldest adopted son.

After some digging, Trish ‘found there was a safety plan put in place for him in another home, where he wasn’t even supposed to be in the same room as younger children.’

Since the couple have adopted the boy and are no longer simply fostering him, he can’t simply be taken back by the state.

‘They lied to us, put our children in danger, and then told us we had to live with it,’ Trish said.

Not that either deeply devoted parent would allow the state to have him. They say they intend to continue doing everything they can to help him.

‘Throwing him away his not an option. We’re still trying to do everything we can,’ Steven said.

The couple are now suing the Washington Department of Social and Health Services


I can relate entirely to the struggle this couple is going through- I have an adopted son. He had a host of medical problems that the state of Washington refused to diagnose or acknowledge and now they are manifesting. They will do anything possible to get ‘problem children’ out of ‘the system’. It’s more than unfair. Its treating children with real issues like they are inventory or just plain inanimate. I hope they sue the socks of the state of Washington and win. Anyone who wants to help should not be taken advantage like this. Just sickening. Thumbs down, Washington State.


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