[VIDEO]Hundreds Of Illegal Immigrants From Ebola Outbreak Nations Caught Along Our Border

There are plenty of reasons to worry. Parents worry for their kids, kids worry for their grades- but one thing you do not expect to have to worry about is people invading your country carrying deadly viruses.

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The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has issued a level three warning for US citizens to avoid traveling to West African countries experiencing an outbreak of Ebola.

Immigrants from West African countries have entered the US illegally, according to Chris Cabrera with the National Border Patrol Council.

“Not too long ago we did catch some people, I believe, from Liberia,” he said.

During the 2013 fiscal year, statistics from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security website show Border Patrol agents apprehended 112 immigrants from Guinea, 231 from Liberia and 145 immigrants from Sierra Leone, which are the three countries currently experiencing the most cases of Ebola.

“Our main concern like it’s always been is the health and safety of our agents,” Cabrera said.

He worries agents are not properly protected in the event they come across an immigrant with the Ebola virus.


Seriously, when is enough going to be enough? Can we at least get these folks the proper equipment to deal with an Ebola person so that they don’t have to die? can we actually crack down on these border issues? can we please stop the illegal INVASION OF AMERICA? These men cannot even really do the jobs that they need to do to keep the rest of us safe if they can’t even keep themselves safe. This is just sad.


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