Vietnam vet loses bid for 1969 license plate

This may possibly be one of the dumbest things I’ve ever read. Arnold Breitenbach, a Vietnam veteran, wanted “CIB-69” as a license plate to mark the year he got the Purple Heart.  The Utah DMV rejected it over the number “69.”


“While your intended meaning behind the requested plate, CIB-69, is honorable, the Division of Motor Vehicles is required to follow Utah law when approving personalized plates,” a letter from DMV Audit Manager Sherri Murray stated in November 2013.

The number 69 is similarly banned from personalized plates throughout the United States because of its sexual slang connotations, although not everyone in Southern Utah may recognize that type of terminology.

Apparently while they make exceptions, it doesn’t include the year you were born or years of military service. I’m actually speechless.

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