Virginia Students Sign Fake Petition To Ban ‘White Christmas’ After Being Told It Is RACIST

Political correctness has simply gone too far. While it is never a great feeling to encounter prejudice or offensive speech, political correctness has silenced legitimate discussion and has ventured far beyond the bounds of acceptability and has become thoroughly absurd. One man sought to lampoon this ridiculous trend and actually duped moronic college students into signing a petition to ban “white Christmas,” the famous Bing Crosby Christmas song, because it is “racist.” Check-out the liberal morons upon which the Democrat Party relies.


Students were duped into signing a fake petition to abolish the festive classic White Christmas from radio stations because it is ‘racist’.

In a bid to prove colleges are consumed by political correctness, MRC reporter Dan Joseph hit a campus with a clipboard to see how many students could be convinced Bing Crosby’s song is laced with micro-aggression.

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He told passers-by that the lyrics are insulting to people of color because it ‘perpetuates the idea that white is naturally good’ and ignores ‘other kinds of snow’.

The song also fails to mention climate change, Joseph pointed out to students.

By the end of the day, his petition was filled with signatures to ban the song.

‘Help sign our petition, stop white supremacy in the holiday season,’ Joseph shouts as he stands in the piazza of an unidentified school in Virginia.

Two women rush towards him, saying ‘ooh! I’ll sign it!’

Speaking to another student, Joseph says: ‘It says snow is white and therefore it is good.

‘But we know there are other kinds of snow and just because it’s dirty on the ground – you know, sometimes it turns brown, sometimes it turns black…’ – as he trails off the student is already signing.

Later he asks a female student: ‘What kind of Christmases do you like? I like racially ambiguous Christmases, to be honest with you.’

The student responds: ‘Yeah.’

And another two students believe him when he says that Bing Crosby – who died in 1977 – denounced the song himself in the name of the Black Lives Matter movement.

‘You know the guy who actually sang the song originally, Bing Crosby, actually came out and said the same about this song,’ Joseph remarked.

‘Oh really?’ a girl responds earnestly.

‘Yeah he said it’s not appropriate and that black lives matter,’ he responded, as the students nodded and signed.

One student eagerly signs the petition despite admitting he can’t remember how the song goes.

Joseph sings a line of it to him, then says: ‘Turn on your radio, you’ll hear it. But not if we have our way. Because black lives matter.’

To the student who was unconvinced by the argument and refused to sign, Joseph shouts: ‘You don’t think that’s too bad? You’ve got to check your privilege, man!’

In conclusion, Joseph remarks to one student: ‘You know what the best song really is? It’s Rudolf The Red-Nosed Reindeer. Because that is about an animal with a disability. It’s diverse, we need more songs about animals with disabilities.’

The stunt actually illustrates two ridiculous aspects of the left’s war on American culture. Not only is the petition laughable in that it addresses a “racist” song about snow, but it also highlights the left’s need to ban anything they don’t like.

Even if “White Christmas” was racist, wouldn’t the better solution be to simply not listen to it?

Sadly, that’s not how the left operates.

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