[WATCH] Bully gets what bully deserves

[WATCH] Bully gets what bully deserves

When I see these videos circling the internet, I gain a little more hope for humanity.  Not because I like seeing someone get hurt, but because I like seeing a bully getting exactly what he or she deserves.




“We don’t condone violence, but sometimes a bully isn’t going to stop being a bully until his nose gets broke. There, we said it.

This locker room is full of young men and one is definitely being antagonistic toward the other. In just a few seconds the verbal tension breaks with fists and body slams.

This can’t be how he imagined it’d happen, right?

Again violence isn’t the answer, but when did a bully ever listen to reason?”

I have a real hard time feeling sorry for the bully at all.  Karma dude.


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