Watch: Debate Crowd Viciously Turns Against Trump, Then He Has Last Word- Shuts Them Down!

Watch: Debate Crowd Viciously Turns Against Trump, Then He Has Last Word- Shuts Them Down!

Trump has faced much criticism for his apparent use of the concept of eminent domain to build his business empire.
And during the last debate, Jeb Bush called him out on it. And somehow, the brash, in your face Trump, who never fails to “tell it like it is” according to himself, did not answer the question but deflected to the debate audience and how they supposedly got their tickets. Trump may or may not have misused eminent domain, but he does need to answer the question. What do you think about his avoidance of it?

During the eighth Republican debate, a question directed to Donald Trump regarding his support for eminent domain turned into a nasty argument with Jeb Bush and resulted in the audience booing.

“A lot of the big conservatives that tell me how conservative they are, I think I’m more [conservative] than they are, they all want the Keystone Pipeline. The Keystone Pipeline, without eminent domain, it wouldn’t go ten feet. You need eminent domain. It’s a good thing, not a bad thing,” said Trump.

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While Bush agreed with Trump that eminent domain did in fact have a place for public use, he specifically took issue that Trump used eminent domain for private purposes.

“The difference between eminent domain for public purpose, as Donald said, roads, infrastructure, pipelines, and all that, that’s for public purpose. What Donald Trump did was use eminent domain to try and take the property of an elderly woman on the strip in Atlantic City. That is not public purpose, that is downright wrong,” declared Jeb Bush.

After a back and forth,Trump was given an opportunity to respond, and that’s when things got heated.

“He wants to be a tough guy… and it doesn’t work very well,” Trump began. “How tough is it to take property from an elderly woman?” Jeb interjected. “Let me talk, quiet,” Trump said raising his finger to his mouth.

At this the audience erupted into booing of Trump as he was trying to make his point.

The audience booed him energetically for his deflection and for his apparent attack on them. This isn’t becoming of a man who would be President. We need a president who understands the value of truth and sticking to the question at hand. If Trump has nothing to hide when it comes to eminent domain, he should freely discuss it and stop changing the subject. What do you think?

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