Watch Hackers Hijack A Moving Tesla From Miles Away! [VIDEO]

Watch Hackers Hijack A Moving Tesla From Miles Away! [VIDEO]

In today’s world, if you really want to ruin someone’s life, you attack them…digitally. It’s 2016 and the world is run by tech. Everyone’s lives are written out on social media, in online banking, in cookies and in their history. Hackers all over the world steal identities and assets and sell them.


Everything is run by computers it seems and it’s generally a way to make human existence easier, convenient and safer in most cases. But when technology goes wrong, it can do a lot of damage.

It truly is a chilling world with all the types of hacking that are out there and with the automated car becoming the transportation of the future, hacking is seeming to be a bigger concern. In the past, DARPA researchers found weaknesses that would let a hacker shut down the brakes on some cars, while other research teams have found a simple text message can be enough to gain access to your car’s computer.

Now, a team of Chinese researchers have figured out a way to hack into the car brains of a Tesla.

The good news is that Keen Security Lab are “white hat” hackers. Meaning they are employed by Tesla to find and report security vulnerabilities in order to make the stuff we use safer. So yeah…no need to worry about the Chinese government hacking into American vehicles…yet.

The remote access allowed the hackers to do just about anything they wanted with the car. They don’t seem to have been able to compromise the car’s autopilot feature, but what they can control is still worrying enough for potential consumers to put a hold on purchasing one of these bad boys. Better to be safe than sorry.

Tesla owners have the ability to upgrade their cars by downloading the latest patches. That’s what makes Tesla different than other vehicles out there. It’s pretty much a driving computer.

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