Watch What Happened Right When Trump Showed Up in New York…

Watch What Happened Right When Trump Showed Up in New York…

Looks like after a loss in Wisconsin, GOP frontrunner Donald Trump is rolling into New York and getting a HUGE response. What this will mean in the near future, is uncertain…. but this is what we know…

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From Western Journalism:

New Yorkers are responding in a big way to homeboy Trump, and at one of his first big rallies a chant started showing that New Yorkers are all in for The Donald. But it was a chant that should send one GOP opponent scowling.

After the real estate mogul bounced onto the stage in Bethpage, N.Y., the crowd of 10,000 erupted in a chant of “Lyin’ Ted,” causing Trump to beam proudly from the podium. It showed plainly what a different audience New Yorkers are than Wisconsinites for this GOP primary season.

Trump was soundly beaten in the Badger State, losing to Texas Sen. Ted Cruz by 13 points. The delegate count was even more lopsided with Cruz taking 36 of the state’s 42 delegates. Trump got the remaining six. Ohio Gov. John Kasich did not receive any Wisconsin delegates.

But New York is likely to be a far different contest. Trump is already over 50 percent in the pre-primary day polling and is expected to easily win the Empire State’s vote.

And Trump went straight for the jugular as he took the stage in Bethpage by reminding his New York audience of Cruz’s attempt to smear “New York values.”

“Do you remember, during the debate, when he started to lecture me on New York values, like we’re no good?” Trump told his receptive audience. “And I started to talk to him about the World Trade Center, the bravery — the incredible bravery of everybody, the police, our firemen, everybody.”

Trump went on to extol the virtues and bravery of the state’s first responders.

“The bravery that was shown was incredible,” he said. “We all lived through it, we all know people that died, and I’ve got this guy standing over there, looking at me, talking about New York values, with scorn on his face, with hatred of New York. So folks, I think you can forget about him.”

It was not long after the crowd erupted in its chant of “Lyin’ Ted.”

You can call a person a liar all you want, but at the end of the day….the truth is, that statement is wrong. Good news is…Truth is still the truth, even if no one believes it.

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