WATCH: ISIS Mob Surrounded By Notorious ISIS Killers – Their Reaction? You’ve Got To See!

WATCH: ISIS Mob Surrounded By Notorious ISIS Killers – Their Reaction? You’ve Got To See!

It is a remarkably insecure person who says, “Any challenges to my faith must be met with violence.” That is the insecurity behind the ideology of radical Islam. These savages are nothing but cowards and recently, when ISIS fighters were captured by Kurdish fighters, the “men” cried like little babies.

From the Conservative Tribune:

We have shared numerous stories in the past about the incredible tenacity of the Kurdish people in their existential fight against the Islamic State group, whether it be the Peshmerga in Iraq or the YPG units in Syria and Turkey.

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With minimal international assistance, often underequipped and outnumbered, the Kurds nevertheless have held their own and even won many victories against the militant Islamists.

Recently a YPG unit in northern Syria captured an Islamic State group squad coming across the border fromTurkey to attack them, with the aftermath of the event filmed and posted online.

The video (which contains English subtitles, press the ‘CC’ button) shows that the purportedly fearsome and fearless terrorist army is really composed of a bunch of crying babies that plead for their lives when on the other end of an AK-47 barrel.

Crying loudly, the men claim they have done nothing wrong and don’t deserve to die, and beg to be released so they may go home to their mothers, never to return again.

They alleged that they didn’t even want to attack the Kurds, but were forced to do so by the Turks, who sent them to fight the YPG on the promise of money and a passport to travel to Europe.

“They told us you are our enemies,” one man proclaimed. “But this is your land, we were wrong to come here, we will never come back.”

Others prayed for Allah to protect the Kurds and their land, even offering up praise and prayers of protection for the Christians that have sought shelter with and fought alongside the Kurds against the radical jihadists.

Cursing the men who sent them, the captured fighters continued to cry and beg to be let go for several minutes.

It is amazing how much the demeanor of Islamic State group fighters changes when they are no longer the ones ruling over the battlefield, but instead are the ones on their knees begging for their own survival.

Thankfully, scenes such as this one have been playing out with more frequency lately as anti-Islamic State group forces have been pushing back against the terror army, possibly even signalling a changing of the tide in the broader fight against the Islamists, and most certainly exposing the supposedly hardcore militants as little more than blubbering babies longing for their mothers or dreaming of fleeing to Europe.

Bullies are the same everywhere. They talk big and bad, but when faced with a taste of their own medicine, they are often revealed to be sniveling cowards.

This video is tremendously satisfying!

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