Watch Mike Huckabee SHRED the Idiotic Hosts of ‘The View’

Watch Mike Huckabee SHRED the Idiotic Hosts of ‘The View’

Mike Huckabee was a guest on “The View” recently…and he went prepared! As the loud and proud liberal hosts of the show questioned him on the important topics of gun control, Syrian refugees, and ISIS, Huckabee not only came direct and clear with his answers, but he also SOMEHOW seemed to be introducing ideas that the women were willing to think about…at least, it certainly looked that way. See for yourself!


Watch each discussion in the three videos below.

Do you think ‘The View’ should be canceled?

He served them a whole lot of common sense on Gun Control…

He does not hesitate…when they questioned him on the “sensitive” subject of Syrian Refugees…in fact, it appears he starts to even make some sense to a couple of these liberal show hosts!

He explains how to handle ISIS…and what we are doing wrong now in the war against them. They actually listen.

Well… this is the first time I’ve been able to watch a clip from ‘The View’ and not be completely embarrassed for them. What did you think?

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