Watch a Pokemon Go Streamer Get Robbed & Assaulted LIVE! [VIDEO]

Watch a Pokemon Go Streamer Get Robbed & Assaulted LIVE! [VIDEO]

By now we’ve all heard the new reports of Pokemon GO players wandering around at night, getting their jollies off fictitiously catching fictitious monster animals. Alright, maybe ‘jollies’ is a little over the line and I am being inconsiderate to feelings…but this is the real world, not a made up one, and if you want to walk round at night with your eyes glued to your cell phone, not taking into consideration what or who is around you, then by all that is good and decent, you leave yourself open for an attack… NO! Not by Pokemon! By REAL people who want your cell phone, your wallet and anything else of value that they can find!

…Think of it as a ‘Got to catch em all!’ for muggers… except you’re the Pokemon.


Well, in this case I’m going to share with you right now, Pokemon GO Twitch user Rickeybot was brutally socked in the face by a mugger who walked up behind him and robbed him. What makes this violent outbreak a perfect example to share with other GO players is that it was all caught live on the very stream Rickeybot was using Sunday in New York City’s Central Park.

Judging by the background, it seemed as if the Grand Army Plaza, a designated Pokestop, was the site of the mugging, according to the map he was using at the time.

Rickeybot was keeping his fans up to date using Twitter, like most millennials do these days. Turns out the Twitch user was socked straight in the jaw, which he had scanned at the hospital. Amazingly, it was only swollen without major damage, although judging by the video, it would seem as if he smacked his head on the ground or something because of the blood seen on his forehead.

So, what’s the lesson we learn from Rickeybot, hmmm? Well, I could say stop playing a child’s game and grow up, but I realize the world we live in and I would be considered a dreaded, villainous ‘hater’ by the lot of Pokemon GO adult children…so instead, I say play on, my Pokemon GO brothers and sisters!

Muggers need to make a living too.

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