Watch Ted Nugent ROCK the National Anthem in Salute to Chris Kyle and ‘American Sniper’

Watch Ted Nugent ROCK the National Anthem in Salute to Chris Kyle and ‘American Sniper’

Not every big name has jumped on the “anti-Chris Kyle” bandwagon. In fact some, like Ted Nugent, are honoring his memory in some amazing ways. Uncle Ted recently preformed a rock-n-roll rendition of the National Anthem in honor of Kyle and the rest of the military at SHOT Show that you NEED to hear.


From the IJReview:

With the release of American Sniper last week, many commentators and celebrities have emerged to trash the memory of the man profiled in the movie, Chris Kyle. Others have used the movie to criticize the U.S. military.

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However, Ted Nugent decided to do something a little different at the Outdoor Channel’s Golden Moose Awards in Las Vegas last night. He performed the National Anthem, but before he did it he defiantly dedicated it to Chris Kyle and the rest of the armed forces.

“Freedom is not free. This is dedicated to the heroes of the military. God bless the military warriors, especially the snipers. God bless the snipers. This is for Chris Kyle in the defiance of the pieces of s*** who don’t get it.”

The crowd cheered the dedication, loudly at times. Nugent then rocked out his high-decibel performance of the National Anthem.

Watch the amazing video below: [WARNING: GRAPHIC LANGUAGE]

There’s a true American right there. We need more like him; who aren’t afraid to stand up for what they believe in.

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