Watch: Trump Makes Stunning Claim About A Horrific Part Of Obama’s Iran Deal No One’s Heard About

Watch: Trump Makes Stunning Claim About A Horrific Part Of Obama’s Iran Deal No One’s Heard About

The Iran deal seems to be a peace of paper with words on it and no teeth.  Obama somehow thinks he has made history with this, but there seems to be no upside for the United States.  We have no real power.  Iran can basically continue their nuclear program.  Give us access to sites as they deem necessary.  And now, according to Trump compel us to defend Iran.  Even against Israel.

President Obama’s woefully inadequate nuclear deal with Iran could put the United States in the position of defending Iran against longtime American ally Israel, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump said this week.

“A baby could negotiate a better deal than that,” he said scornfully in an interview Tuesday with CNN. ” We don’t get our prisoners back. They have 24-day inspections.”

“I like the idea of a deal but they should have doubled up the sanctions for another couple of months and they would have come to the table and they would have been begging to make a good deal,” maintained Trump, who has consistently voiced opposition to the agreement.

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Trump’s newest concern revolved around the deal’s implications that the Western countries signing the agreement are obliged to protect Iran.

“There is something in the Iran deal that people I don’t think really understand or know about,” Trump said. “And nobody is ever to explain it, that if somebody attacks Iran, we have to come to their defense.”

“And I’m saying this, that includes Israel?” Trump said scornfully. “And most people say, yes. They don’t have exclusion for us here. So, if Israel attacks Iran according to that deal, I believe, the way it reads unless they have a codicil or they have something to it, that we have to fight with Iran against Israel.”


When Obama took office he promised hope and change.  He promised that Obama Care would take care of all Americans and nothing would really change.  He said it would be better for the country.  I guess unlike Americans with health care, Obama’s deal is good for Iran.  If you like your nukes, you can keep them.

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