Watch What Obama Did Right Before He Cried on Air

Watch What Obama Did Right Before He Cried on Air

Was it STAGED?! This is the question on the minds of many Americans…in regards to the moment that Obama dropped tears during his announcement that he would be moving forward with his executive order for ‘Gun Control’. BUT it was what happened right before the awkward tears that…have people questioning his sincerity.

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The president reportedly began wiping tears away before any other evidence of Obama crying had even appeared. Moreover, his voice remained perfectly composed throughout the whole speech.

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Some Twitter users also noticed that Obama’s eyes started turning red immediately after he began wiping his eyes.

This made them wonder if perhaps Obama had put something on his finger beforehand — a smidgen of pepper spray, for instance, or even just a little common hand soap — to make his eyes tear up.

It cannot be confirmed at this point — and likely never will be — whether Obama did in fact stage the crying fest.

Whether his tears were sincere or not…he’s still choosing to infringe on our freedoms, so…he can go slap himself. With a frying pan.

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