Watch: Whoopi Goldberg Discovers Kelsey Grammer’s Pro-Life Shirt And SHAMEFULLY Miss The Point

Watch: Whoopi Goldberg Discovers Kelsey Grammer’s Pro-Life Shirt And SHAMEFULLY Miss The Point

Kelsey Grammer, was highlighted on “The View” for a Pro-life t-shirt he was pictured wearing. Of course Whoopi had something to say about it…and like the broken record her Pro-choice opinion has become she starts in with her usual arguement…even when it made NO SENSE! See for yourself!


When pro-lifers like Kelsey Grammer look at the issue of abortion, they see no difference in a pair of doctor’s forceps and a loaded gun. Both instruments, in the hands of a killer, can and do end life. Pro-life advocates, like Grammer, see no distinction between a gun-wielding murderer and an abortion doctor.

But for the talk show hosts on The View, the two cannot be compared. Grammer recently released a photo of himself wearing a t-shirt that reads “Would it bother us more if they used guns?” The pro-life t-shirt is a product from

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The organization says about the t-shirt in question: “This is not a shirt about gun control. It’s simply a response to the fact that when children are the victims of gun violence, the world is outraged. When children are the victims of abortion violence, the world barely notices.”

The in-your-face style of pro-life protesting has drawn the consternation of the talk show hosts on The View. Not content to remain in dismay, the talk show hosts are voicing their opinions.

Whoopi Goldberg stated that “You can’t equate the two.” In her opinion, it would seem, gun violence and abortion are not two coins of the same side. In an apparent attempt to disqualify Grammer’s stance on abortion, Goldberg implied that Grammer’s opinion was unimportant “because you guys will never have to make this decision. Ever.”

In a statement that seems to imply that the discussion should be taken out of the public realm of debate, Goldberg stated: “But if you’re a woman who has found that she needs to go get an abortion, isn’t that her choice between her and her God?”

Co-host Paula Faris attempted to state relevant statistics when she said, “They’re saying when children are affected by gun violence — that gets our attention — but when children are aborted it doesn’t seem like we care.” She continued: “Because they will say that 3,000 children are killed each year by gun violence but over 700,000 children are killed via abortions.” Goldberg quickly dismissed the stats as opinion.

Abort73 appears to have been successful with their pro-life t-shirt after gaining national attention to their pro-life cause. The company’s existence is due to the 1973 Supreme Court ruling in Roe v. Wade.

She totally disregards the facts…and ignores the logic. But then again, why would we expect anything more from her.

Come on Whoopi…even fictional characters get it.


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