What Do Iraqis Think About The Coming War?

What Do Iraqis Think About The Coming War?: Although we can’t take anything the Iraqis in Iraq say because of the government “minders” who monitor their conversations with people from other nations, we have had every indication that the Iraqi people would be thrilled to be liberated from Hussein. Not only have Iraqi expatriates in the West tended to strongly support the war, Iraqis who have just come into Syria are perhaps even more enthusiastic. Just read these Iraqi refugees have to say…

“…If the Americans try to reach Baghdad, all the people will come out on the streets to join them. What we don’t want is for them to stop in the middle, so that the government can kill us again,” said Zaid, 26, who traveled last week from the southern Iraqi city of Nassariyeh.

…We want the Americans to come, and if they come tomorrow it will not be too soon,” said an unemployed 23-year old visiting from the southern Iraqi city of Basra. “People are nervous, people are afraid, we don’t want war. But do we want to change the government and we will welcome anyone who comes to get rid of Saddam.”

…There are reports on the television that all the people of Iraq support Saddam, that they don’t want war,” said Aqil, 33, a tailor from the southern town of Najaf. “It just isn’t true. If you don’t go outside and demonstrate, the intelligence (agents) will come and ask you why you didn’t go.”

…”Only those who get money from Saddam will fight the Americans – the members of the government, the Baath Party and the intelligence – and that’s not a lot of people,” said a taxi driver from Kerbala who stopped for tea at a small Iraqi restaurant after dropping off his passengers. “We’ve had him since 1979 and we’re sick of him.”

He, too, was furtive and fearful. He regularly drives between Kerbala and Damascus, and the Iraqi border guards routinely require him to inform on the Iraqis he meets in Syria. He did not want them to find out that he had been talking to a foreigner. “If this meeting happened in Iraq, all of us would be arrested, and not only us, the whole street,” he said.

Ismail Khalil Ibrahim, who left Iraq three years ago but regularly meets with Iraqi visitors.

“The people of Iraq want war tomorrow. Ask any Iraqi, are you ready to take a gun and fight with the American soldiers, and he will say, yes, we will go in front of the American soldiers to Baghdad,” he said.

…”We will be angry with America if they don’t come to remove Saddam Hussein,” said Aqil. “They could have removed him before, and all the Iraqi people were behind the Americans, but they didn’t do it. This time, we pray that they will”

Not only are we going to remove a hostile dictator who supports terrorism, we’re going to free 24 million people & help them form a fledgling Democracy in the process. Furthermore, we’re going to do it over the objections of the anti-war left, the majority of the Democrats, and much of Europe. When that day of freedom comes for the people of Iraq, remember who advocated helping these people become free and who for the most part wanted to leave them in chains.

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