When she went on her 2nd date with him, she had no idea that he had this planned

When she went on her 2nd date with him, she had no idea that he had this planned


It is frightening thinking that you could go on a date with someone and they could drug your drink or food with something in order to do terrible things to you. One unfortunate woman in Sweden was recently drugged and kidnapped by a 38-year-old doctor who brought her back to a homemade bunker where it appears he intended to keep her captive for a long time.

The Daily Mail reports,

The Swedish doctor who kept a woman as a sex slave in a ‘Fritzl-style’ home-made bunker, had meticulously planned out the kidnapping, including buying a mask to disguise his victim as an elderly lady.

Police found the mask along with a second prosthetic of a bearded man when they raided the 38-year-old’s home in outside Kristianstad, southern Sweden, after his arrest in September last year.

He had purchased the masks in order to disguise himself and his victim, who is in her 30s, during the 350mile drive from her Stockholm flat to his remote farm, where he had spent five years building a bunker to keep her prisoner ‘for several years’.

The pair was meeting up for a second date in the woman’s flat in central Stockholm on September 12, but instead the 38-year-old drugged, raped and kidnapped her, Swedish media reports.

The doctor is accused of giving the woman chocolate-dipped strawberries, marking which of the berries he had laced with Rohypnol by drawing on the stem leaves.

He then raped the woman while she was passed out in her home, before transporting her in a wheelchair to his car, Aftonbladet reports.

He drove from Stockholm to his home, a large property outside Kristianstad, some 345 miles south of Stockholm, during which time he also injected her with a soporific to keep her sedated.

He was finally caught after six days of keeping her prisoner, when the police started snooping around. He took her to the police station to tell them she was fine, but once the police talked to her alone, she told them what had happened. Let’s hope this sick pervert’s mug shot ends up plastered all over the Internet, and he is sentenced to prison for a long time. It serves as a strong reminder to women to be very careful about what they eat and drink on dates with men they don’t know well, perhaps insist on going out to eat and keep a close eye on your food and drink.

Doctor takes woman hostage in Fritzl bunkeer.. Ongoing construction of the toilet inside the bunker. Pictures Swedish Police Handout

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