Which Side Are These Guys On?

Which Side Are These Guys On?: David ‘Bin’ Bonoir (D – Iraq) and ‘Baghdad’ Jim McDermott (D – Iraq) spent the weekend in Baghdad acting like publicity agents for the Iraqi government….

“Speaking of the administration, Mr. McDermott said, “I believe that sometimes they give out misinformation.” Then he added: “It would not surprise me if they came up with some information that is not provable, and they’ve shifted. First they said it was Al Qaeda, then they said it was weapons of mass destruction. Now they’re going back and saying it’s Al Qaeda again.”

When pressed for evidence about whether President Bush had lied, Mr. McDermott said, “I think the president would mislead the American people.” But he said he believed that inspections of Iraq’s weapons programs could be worked out.”

“I think they will come up with a regime that will not require coercive inspections,” Mr. McDermott said, anticipating meetings on Monday between Hans Blix, the leader of the United Nations inspection group, and Iraqi officials.

“They said they would allow us to go look anywhere we wanted,” he said of the Iraqis. “And until they don’t do that, there is no need to do this coercive stuff where you bring in helicopters and armed people and storm buildings.”

“Otherwise you’re just trying to provoke them into war,” he added.

Mr. Bonior, the second-ranking Democrat in the House, said: “We’ve got to move forward in a way that’s fair and impartial. That means not having the United States or the Iraqis dictate the rules to these inspections.”

So we have Jim McDermott, standing in Badhdad, saying for all intents and purposes that he trusts Saddam Hussein but not the President of the United States. Meanwhile, Bonoir seems to be saying that he’s neutral between the United States and Iraq on the issue of inspections.

Could there be any clearer example of why the Democrats can’t be trusted to protect America? Here we have Democrats in Iraq, shilling for a maniacal dictator who’s seeking nuclear weapons and collaborating with the people who murdered almost 3000 Americans last September. Which side are these guys on? Judging by what they’re saying, it doesn’t seem to be ours. In fact, as Don Nickles said in the article, “both sound somewhat like spokespersons for the Iraqi government.” Can you trust a party full of people with this sort of mentality to protect America? Do you want your life, the life of your friends and family, and even the future of our country, in the hands of people like Bonoir & McDermott when there’s a war in progress? The Democrats can complain about ‘politicizing the war’ all they want, but this issue needs to be in front of the voters in November for the sake of our country.

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