Public Service Announcement For The Blogosphere

Public Service Announcement For The Blogosphere: Can I make a suggestion to all the webmasters out there who are still on Blogspot? Do whatever you have to do to get away from Blogspot –ASAP. Pay for a server, find a free server, get a friend to host you, do whatever you have to do but do it in a hurry. They are so slow that they’re KILLING your traffic. I know they’re hurting some of you because despite the fact that I’m always on a high speed connection, I often can’t get to web pages hosted on Blogspot. I’ll grant you that sometimes it’s just unbelievably slow — but if it’s that slow for me, how bad is it for people on dial-up?

Blogger might have gotten the ball rolling, but they’ve let their company fall apart. Even though I was on Blogger Pro, the service was horrible. There was no response to support questions, they were slow, they were down a lot, the archives didn’t work, and there were problems with the permalinks. Judging by what I’m hearing lately, it’s gotten worse since then, not better. So find a way to get away from blogspot at a minimum and blogger if possible — for the sake of your blog.

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