W. And The Upside-Down Book

W. And The Upside-Down Book

W. And The Upside-Down Book: I received an email today from RWN reader Doug Weinberg commenting on the doctored photo of President Bush holding an upside-down book that has been making the rounds in leftist circles. Of course, the geniuses who think GWB is an idiot swallowed the photo hook, line, and sinker. Then Snopes came along and pointed out the obvious — that the pic had been photoshopped. This whole thing inspired Doug to make his own graphic….

We can file this one away with W. having the lowest IQ of any President in the last 50 years & Bush waving at Stevie Wonder among others.

However, if you do want to read about a couple of stories about Bush that turned out to be true, his conversation with Lindsey Yeskoo & his salute of Brian Birdwell will tell you something about the type of man he really is.

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