White House In A ‘Panic’ Because THIS Stunning Ad By a Wounded Vet Could SINK Obama’s Iran Nuke Deal

White House In A ‘Panic’ Because THIS Stunning Ad By a Wounded Vet Could SINK Obama’s Iran Nuke Deal

It is healthy for our republic to have checks and balances. It’s natural for the president, any president, to be dismayed when his agenda is rejected. However, our president has augmented any reasonable theory of executive power far beyond what any of the founders had ever intended and now, as he tries to push for the absurd Iran deal, he’s scared of the backlash it is receiving. According to a TopRight News report, he should be.


The Obama Administration is reportedly in “panic mode” and scrambling for a response to save their horrific nuclear deal with Iran in the face of a new ad that could derail it completely.

The ad doesn’t engage in the usual policy debate, but instead features a wounded vet, who speaks directlyto the American people, reminding them who exactly Obama is rewarding with this raw deal.

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Even the Obama administration admits  hat Iranian-supplied bombs killed “hundreds” of American troops in Iraq during the war, and Obama himself has explicitly acknowledged that the deal’s generous sanctions relief provisions will allow the regime to enhance its world-leading financing of international terrorism.

Unbelievable. And that’s what they admit — let alone the secret “side deals” that Congress has exposed since its signing.

Well now, an organization called Veterans Against the Deal has something to say about that

“I was blown up by an Iranian bomb…that’s who we’re making a deal with. Every politician who’s involved in this will be held accountable…A vote for this deal means more money for Iranian terrorism. What do you think they’re going to do when they get more money?”

Wow. Moving and powerful. Which is why the White House is fumbling for a response.

Last week, Obama disgracefully compared Republicans who opposed his deal to radical Iranian Mullahs.

Let’s see him try that with Sgt. Bartlett.

President Obama is not a patriot, but a traitor. To betray our allies and, worse yet, to betray America in order to secure a flimsy deal with militant nutjobs is unconscionable.

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