WHITE Lesbian Mother has BLACK Baby – AND SUES SPERM BANK!

WHITE Lesbian Mother has BLACK Baby – AND SUES SPERM BANK!

Some people just don’t know how to be grateful. A couple looking to conceive a child went to a sperm bank, looked through a catalog and picked out a donor. A couple doctor appointments later, and BAM!, you’re pregnant. Just a few years ago, it was impossible for LGBT families to exist in this way. You could not have a baby mail order or really at all. But this couple got a shocking surprise along with their pregnancy – more details from The Gateway Pundit:


Jennifer Cramblett and Amanda Zinkon, a White couple living in Ohio selected sperm from a White male provided by the Midwest Sperm Bank. Cramblett used the sperm to become impregnated with her first child, but just months before little Payton arrived in August of 2012 Cramblett received a communication from the donor bank informing her she had been given the wrong sperm.

Her baby would be Black.

Unsurprisingly Cramblett is suing the sperm bank for “wrongful birth and breach of warranty.” While she can’t be blamed for being a little miffed that she did not receive the product she purchased, her reasoning behind the lawsuit is unnerving to say the least. Here are some of Cramblett’s main concerns with now being forced to be the mother of a Black child as laid out in the lawsuit:

On August 21, 2012, Jennifer gave birth to Payton, a beautiful, obviously mixed-race baby girl. Jennifer bonded with Payton easily and she and Amanda love her very much. Even so, Jennifer lives each day with fears, anxieties and uncertainty about her future and Payton’s future.

What kind of anxieties, you may ask? Just the typical anxieties of any normal, bigoted parent trying to raise a Black child.

As just one example, getting a young daughter’s hair cut is not particularly stressful for most mothers, but to Jennifer it is not a routine matter, because Payton has hair typical of an African American girl. To get a decent cut, Jennifer must travel to a black neighborhood, far from where she lives, where she is obviously different in appearance, and not overtly welcome.

So Cramblett is emotionally distressed by her Black baby because now she’s going to have to travel to a Black neighborhood to get her baby’s hair cut. Quelle horreur! Note to Ms.Cramblett: I live in the suburbs with my black family and mostly white people and we also must travel out of our town for decent haircuts. It’s actually nice to have a reason to take the kids to different areas where they can interact with different races. We call that “mingling.” I shudder to think of poor little Payton growing up with anxieties about those “scary black people” because her mother can’t handle a trip to the beauty shop once every two months.

One of Jennifer’s biggest fears is the life experiences Payton will undergo, not only in her all-white community, but in her all-white, and often unconsciously insensitive, family. Despite her family’s attempts to accept her homosexuality, they have not been capable of truly embracing Jennifer for who she is. They do not converse with her about her gender preference, and encourage her not to “look different,” signaling their disapproval of her lesbianism. Though compelled to repress her individuality amongst family members, Payton’s differences are irrepressible, and Jennifer does not want Payton to feel stigmatized or unrecognized…

What could be more stigmatizing for Payton than growing up with a mother (or two?) that obsesses and anguishes over her “irrepressible” skin color every day in every interaction? Cramblett clearly doesn’t really like black people but she doesn’t seem to have a lot of faith in white people either. What’s a little biracial child with two white, lesbian mothers to do? Then there’s this:

Jennifer’s stress and anxiety intensify when she envisions Payton entering an all-white school. Ironically, Jennifer and Amanda moved to Uniontown from racially diverse Akron, because the schools were better and to be closer to family. Jennifer is well aware of the child psychology research and literature correlating intolerance and racism with reduced academic and psychological well-being of biracial children.

So the White baby they were going to have would have been just fine growing up around the racists, bigots and homophobes of Uniontown and her own family, but the Black baby is a problem? The only thing ironic about the couple’s move from Akron is that they were perfectly content raising a racist white kid close to the very family that has “not been capable of truly embracing Jennifer for who she is.” Sounds like this couple was off to a stellar parenting start from the beginning. Not to worry, though. Jennifer has done lots of research on how being biracial basically makes you stupid and crazy.

Based upon the aforementioned facts and circumstances, all of Jennifer’s therapists and experts agree that for her psychological and parental well-being, she must relocate to a racially diverse community with good schools.

OK, so much wrong with this picture. Why are you living in a hate filled area anyway? Isn’t being in the LGBT community stigmata enough? Haven’t you suffered enough as a lesbian to know that your daughter needs your support? Discrimination is what it is – nasty and horrible- regardless of race, creed or gender orientation. This baby is what she is, a beautiful gift, regardless of her skin color. She is a blessing. Who cares if you have to travel a bit more to get her hair braided or pressed? Its actually fun, and you can meet some great strong black females for her to look to as well as the strong white females already in her life. She needs both since she is bi-racial especially. She should know both halves of her heritage.

The women are right to sue for breach of warranty, since they did not get the product they ordered. The reasoning, however, is frivolous.be happy you have a beautiful baby girl to hold every day. If you get any money, put it into Payton’s college fund – if you moms even think she is capable of getting there.

Payton is the one we all should feel bad for. She has a tough road ahead with litigious, racist lesbian moms raising her. Google does exist, and she will figure this out soon enough. I hope she can live life under the radar from now on. Poor kiddo.


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