White unarmed father of four; gunned down in his driveway because police claimed he had a gun and was suicidal

White unarmed father of four; gunned down in his driveway because police claimed he had a gun and was suicidal

The family of a 61-year-old father of four shot dead by cops at his New Mexico home on Wednesday are denying police claims that they were called to a domestic dispute and arrived to find the man ‘suicidal’ and brandishing a deadly weapon. The man who died is white so no rioters have been shipped in and Al Sharpton has not been called.

John Rogers Family

John Rogers, a truck driver from Bloomfield, is survived by his wife Billie, their four children and 18 grandchildren. According to the police report, Bloomfield officers were responding to a domestic dispute at the Rogers home and when they confronted Rogers, was armed. The family deny calling the police, although John Rogers’ brother Abe told the Daily Times said that a family member had called a friend during a ‘squabble’ at the house on Wednesday morning.

He said he believes that friend called the Bloomfield Police Department. The family denies that Rogers was armed when he was approached by officers. She describes seeing two police cruisers stop outside the house while she was inside doing some cleaning. Her husband was in the garage working on his motorcycle, she said.

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Before she could do anything, the officers shot and killed her husband.
‘I seen a cop walking up towards him with his gun out, and I screamed,’ she told KOB. ‘I ran out the back door and… “boom boom.”
‘Why? Why did they kill my husband?’
The two ‘boom’ sounds were both officers firing their weapons, claims Rogers son Jonathan. He said that New Mexico State Police detectives told him two shots had been fired, one by an officer using his sidearm, the other fired from a shotgun.

Bloomfield Police Chief Randy Foster confirmed on Thursday that two Bloomfield police officers have been placed on paid administrative leave, pending the outcome of the investigation. According to the New Mexico State Police investigation that officers were responding to a call about a suicidal man.

The family has reason to be devastated and confused, they just lost a father and husband. It is a relief though to know America isn’t going to suffer massive rioting and looting in New Mexico while an investigation is under way.

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