Whoopi Goldberg Erupts Into a Rant When She Realizes Hillary is No Better on Female Pay Gap

Whoopi Goldberg loves to espouse opinions, but often seems short on facts. Recently, she erupted on a rant when she discovered that Hillary Clinton, a fellow liberal, is no better on the fabricated issue of pay inequality than he male competitors. IJ Review reports on Whoopi’s rant:

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Whoopi got back on her cushion at The View to express her utter disbelief that her hero Hillary Clinton wasn’t any better about the often-lamented gender “pay gap” – how women supposedly earn 77 cents on the dollar compared to what men earn – than anybody else.

The comedian unleashed a gassy rant expressing her disbelief about the statistic that Hillary’s pay of her senatorial staff was 72 cents on the dollar – even worse than the supposed national average.

Here’s what she said next, according to Hot Air:

Well, unless you know what the jobs were — were the guys, were the men who got paid more, where they in jobs where they earned — I mean, it’s hard — it’s like you, it’s like a bad fart. You put it out [laughter], and it wafts, and people go, ‘Oh! You did it, you did it!’ Nobody knows! Is anybody telling us who got paid what?

Fellow host Stacy London butted in to opine, “Damaging.” Then Rosie Perez vented on how she loves Hillary, but was also “shocked.”

They shouldn’t be. The statistics about the purported female pay gap are almost entirely contrived. They’re there merely to prep the turf for a “War on Women” narrative which Hillary Clinton is supposed to save the nation from.

If we want to have a meaningful dialogue about supposed pay inequality, that is great; however, rigging stats and assuming a faulty moral highground in this debate is sure to backfire and Hillary’s flimsy narrative will certainly be a topic of discussion as we head into 2016.

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