WHOPPER Of A Find! Burger King Employee Discovers $100k In Abandoned Bag & Hands It To Police

My first question is: Who has $100K in cash just lying around and eats at Burger King? No matter the reason, Sahista Bakawla, the cleaner of a San Jose Burger King, found an abandoned bag loaded with cash, and turned it over to the police. Nice to see there are some good people with a moral compass in this world.

Man finds bag full of 100000 notes in Burger King

From Mirror:

A cleaner at Burger King found a whopping $100,000 stuffed into a bag left behind by a customer – at BURGER KING.

Sahista Bakawla, from San Jose, United States, was cleaning the fast food restaurant when she stumbled across a blue backpack, abandoned in a booth.

She took the bag into the back of the restaurant and called the owner, who opened it hoping to find some ID or a phone number.

But the pair called the police when they discovered the bag was full of $100 bills.

Burger King owner Altaf Chaus said: “I opened the zipper, I see lots of money, cash money, $100 bills stack up like half the bag, money.”

“I said, ‘wow! Today’s my birthday, this is my birthday gift.’

“I’ve been in this country 26 years and I worked two jobs for 15 years before I bought this Burger King.

“So I’m a very hardworking man. I don’t want that money, maybe it belongs to somebody.”

Mr Chaus immediately called the police, who found sweets, marijuana and a bank deposit, along with the money.

Thankfully one of the employees didn’t take the bag home and get caught with $100K in stolen money and marijuana. That would go from a really good payday to a really bad jail day.

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