Wife of Alan Grayson, named 17th richest member of Congress, receiving food stamps to feed his kids

Wife of Alan Grayson, named 17th richest member of Congress, receiving food stamps to feed his kids

What a hot mess:


From the article:

Not that the timing makes it any more egregious, but six days after being named the 17th richest member of Congress, it’s being reported that U.S. Rep. Alan Grayson‘s estranged wife has been issued an EBT card to help feed his children.

Lolita Grayson was approved for public assistance by the state of Florida, and their four minor children — they have five children altogether — are also enrolled in the free lunch program in Orange County schools, according to ABC affiliate WFTV.

The stay-at-home mom was asked if she ever thought she’d be on food stamps

“No,” Lolita responded. “Never, because my husband, he’s been the sole provider for me for the last 29 years.”

In filing for public assistance, Lolita said her monthly income consisted of $592 per child.

Grayons’ attorney attributed her actions to politics the week before an election, telling WFTV his client pays about $10,000 a month for the mortgage, utilities and phone bill for the home.

“This is abusing the public,” attorney Mark Nejame said. “She’s going out and asking for support because she can’t support herself on $120,000? That’s outrageous.”

Married to the bombastic congressman for 24 years, she filed for divorce early this year and it didn’t take long for things to get messy. There was a physical altercation at their home a short time later — she accused Grayson of battering her and he countered by saying she hit him. He would later charge his wife with bigamy while filing for an annulment of their 24-year marriage.

The Democratic lawmaker, a former trial lawyer, is not paying spousal support because he says the marriage was never valid because of the bigamy charge, WFTV reported.

The same week Roll Call reported that Grayson enjoyed a $10 million dollar surge in his net worth, Lolita claimed he would not pay for needed repairs at the 5,300-square-foot Orlando house where she is living with the children, according to WFTV.

According to a court filing, the roof leaks and there are broken windows, resulting in a serious mold problem.

“The wife has been a stay-at-home wife and mother and is financially dependent on her husband,” the filing said. “The wife has no financial resources to contribute to the repairs and maintenance of the marital residence.”

Grayson’s attorneys responded by attributing the problem to her being “a poor housekeeper,” but a WFTV reporter saw a septic leak in front of the home and mold in nearly every room.

Ok, so on top of being a deadbeat, he is a rich deadbeat? This isn’t about you, or you and her, dude. It’s about the kids. Fix the house, and hire a cleaning service to get the mold out of there. Think of your kids and don’t be a jackass. Also, mom? Get your act together. There are people living in REAL poverty that can’t afford housing, let alone 10K a month for housing. You’re a ridiculous mess. And please, let this mean an R can come beat this idiot next cycle.


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