WikiLeaks Is Back With A Vengeance After Attempt To SILENCE Them – Expose Hillary’s Plan To Steal Election

WikiLeaks Is Back With A Vengeance After Attempt To SILENCE Them – Expose Hillary’s Plan To Steal Election

Despite efforts to prevent WikiLeaks from releasing any more stolen emails that might incriminate Hillary, they are back and the news they’ve just released shows that the Hillary Clinton camp is perfectly okay with voter fraud as long as it benefits them.

It turns out that there is a very good reason why Hillary Clinton and her fellow Democrats don’t think illegal aliens should be deported; it would screw with their vote count.


It is illegal for an illegal alien to obtain a driver’s license, or at least, it is supposed to be. Recently there have been bills passed that have allowed people who are within America illegally to get driver’s licenses and it’s no wonder why. Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta states that he wants people who have this photo ID and can “attest that they are a citizen” to have a “right to vote in federal elections.”

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Notice how he mentions nothing about actually being in the country legally, or the fact that some places, like California, have now made it legal for illegal aliens for obtain driver’s licenses, despite the fact that they can’t have them. It’s clear he’s not terribly concerned with the fact that he just endorsed voter fraud, or with working outside the confines of the law to elect Hillary Clinton to be the next President of the United States.

I can only imagine what would happen to the status of illegal aliens under her reign. We may not see another Republican President for a long, long time.

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