Wind Farms Kill Whales

To the long list of reasons to put an immediate end to windmill boondoggles we can add that the hideous, noisy, expensive, and inefficient monstrosities kill whales:

According to researchers at the University of St Andrews, the sound of offshore wind farms is likely to mess with the whales’ sensitive sonar systems and drive them ashore, where they get stuck on beaches and die.

Has anyone else noticed the gentle irony here? Well, let me explain with the help of my magic sledgehammer: save possibly the polar bear and the mighty snail darter there is no creature on the planet more totemic of green values than the whale. Saving whales is what greens do. Or rather what they used to do in the days when greens were actually interested in caring for the environment instead of, say, trying to destroy the capitalist system. But now, here they are actively promoting a form of renewable energy which in the process of producing next to no energy very expensively also does the most stupendous damage to the environment and the eco-system.

Too bad about the whales, but you can’t make an omelet without breaking some eggs. It should be obvious by now that the primary concern of modern environmentalists is not the whales or even the environment, but destroying wealth and freedom in the name of an ideology so sick that if it showed its true face people would scream in horror.

Even old-style environmentalists — who were motivated by love of nature rather than hatred of humanity — have been catching on. Greenpeace cofounder Patrick Moore:

“Since I left Greenpeace, its members, and the majority of the movement have adopted policy after policy that reflects their antihuman bias, illustrates their rejection of science and technology and actually increases the risk of harm to people and the environment. They oppose forestry even though it provides our most abundant renewable resource. They have zero tolerance for genetically modified food crops, even though this technology reduces pesticide use and improves nutrition for people who suffer from malnutrition. They continue to oppose nuclear energy, even though it is the best technology to replace fossil fuels and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. They campaign against hydroelectric projects despite the fact that hydro is by far the most abundant renewable source of electricity. And they support the vicious and misguided campaign against salmon farming, an industry that produces more than a million tons of heart-friendly food every year.”

As for windmills,

“How can windmills be green when they require five times as much steel and concrete per unit of power produced compared to nuclear plants and when they occupy vast areas of land?”

Silly question. Windmills are green because they are inefficient, just like biofuel and Chevy Volts.

Killed by enviro-moonbats?

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