Wisconsin Mailman Accused of Trashing Hundreds of Pro-Republican Mailers

Wisconsin Mailman Accused of Trashing Hundreds of Pro-Republican Mailers

the lengths some people will go to not do their jobs and to sabotage others hard work is just astounding. A Wisconsin mailman decided that certain mail just wasn’t getting delivered that day – check it out:

Look at all these mailers!

Look at all these mailers!

From TheBlaze:

A Wisconsin mailman is under investigation for dumping hundreds of letters supporting Republican candidates in the trash, according to the Wisconsin Reporter.

According to the news outlet, 879 pieces of “political mail” were discarded, none of which appeared to be supporting Democratic candidates.

Mike Rorhkaste, a GOP candidate for Wisconsin’s 55th assembly district, said he was alerted by a Neenah, Wisconsin, resident who said they witnessed a mail carrier dumping letters into a recycling bin. The resident checked the bin after the carrier left and found hundreds of mailers supporting Republican candidates, including Rorhkaste.

Rorhkaste said a U.S. Postal Service supervisor was at the scene within 30 minutes.

“She took a number of pictures. She actually got into the dumpster,” Rorhkaste said.

Robert Rukes, a special agent with the U.S. Postal Service inspector general’s office in Chicago, told the Wisconsin Reporter the agency’s initial findings are that the mail carrier wasn’t trying to sabotage the GOP before Tuesday’s midterm elections, he was likely just “overwhelmed.”

“A lot of times, what happened in this situation, you have a carrier who felt overwhelmed with the volume of mail so they decided to discard some of the mail without delivering,” Rukes said.

“Based upon our investigation, this was nothing done toward a specific candidate or party,” he added. “It looks like it was a decision made by the carrier, and it was not a good decision.”

Realllllly? You’re ‘overwhelmed’? Sorry, but your job is to deliver mail, not dump it in recycling bins. Isn’t it also convenient that these all were Republican mailers? It’s hard to believe that these were the only ‘overwhelming’ pieces of mail to deal with. If this was a liberal candidate, people would be screaming for his head. You deserve to lose your job, period. Who knows how much mail he has destroyed without being caught? Ugh. What do you think?


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