Within minutes of Obama’s call for UN to join in the fight against jihadists, ISIS-linked militants behead French hostage

Within minutes of Obama’s call for UN to join in the fight against jihadists, ISIS-linked militants behead French hostage

The man certainly puts the fear of Allah into these savages, doesn’t he:


ISIS-linked militants in Algeria have beheaded a French hostage captured at the weekend – having earlier made threats to kill him if France did not stop bombing targets in Iraq.

Herve Gourdel, 55, was captured by the Islamist group Jund al-Khilifa while hiking in the Djurdjura National Park on Sunday – just one day after he arrived in Algeria for a 10-day walking holiday.

A video featuring Mr Gourdel was released yesterday in which the militants threatened to kill the professional mountaineering guide within hours unless France stopped bombing ISIS targets in Iraq by the end of the day.

The sickening four minute 46 second video of Mr Gourdel’s murder – titled ‘A Message in Blood for the French Government’ – was released exactly 30 minutes after Barack Obama gave a speech vowing to destroy ISIS and its affiliates to the UN General Assembly.

In his speech President Obama urged the world to come together to tackle the threat posed by ISIS and ‘dismantle this network of death’. The address ended at 10.38am New York time, with the existence of Mr Gourdel’s murder video revealed just 30 minutes later, at 11.09am.

If only Obama weren’t trying to defeat them by relying on ground troops who turn tail and run rather than hold their ground. It’s like trying to swim across a river while keeping one foot on shore. It shows you’re really not that interested in getting to the other side.

Obama’s made it clear he’s not interesting in actually defeating them. He just wants to make a good show of it.

That’s not helping anyone, but in the end, he’ll stand before the country and declare victory.

And oh, how the Democrats will applaud him.

Duane Lester

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