She Woke Up to Sound of Her ‘Stalker’ Kicking in Her Door. He Was in ‘Disbelief’ at What Was Waiting for Him on the Other Side.

She Woke Up to Sound of Her ‘Stalker’ Kicking in Her Door. He Was in ‘Disbelief’ at What Was Waiting for Him on the Other Side.

A woman reportedly shot her “stalker” after he tried to break into her Las Vegas home early Friday morning. Though the suspect, identified as 22-year-old Douglas Eugene Jackson, is identified as the woman’s ex-boyfriend, she said that their past relationship “wouldn’t qualify as romantic,” according to KVVU-TV.

stalker kicked door open

The woman reportedly called 911 after Jackson arrived and kicked at her door at around 1 a.m. Friday. When he forced his way in, she fired two shots, one hitting him directly in the chest, police said. Jackson ran away but was later found hiding in some bushes by a K-9 unit and arrested. In a blog post, the victim explained that she was forced to move, get a restraining order, and obtain a concealed carry permit after Jackson started “stalking” her. Further, she’s apparently had to go to extreme lengths to keep Jackson out of her home, including sleeping with a chair in front of the door.

The woman seemingly penned the blog post, titled “I shot my stalker tonight,” following the terrifying incident and told her story:

I’m writing this staring at the mess the police left for me, in a bit of a fog. After 6 months of stalking and threats against my life my stalker finally snapped and decided to kick my door in and make good on his promise.
Out of fear, the past month I had begun sleeping with a chair propped against my front door, to give myself a few extra precious seconds in case of emergency. I shudder to think how differently things might’ve turned out had I not barricaded the door.

I awoke around 1:15 am to the sound of the door giving way after one kick followed by the sounds of my stalker struggling to dislodge the chair while forcing his way inside. I jumped up and grabbed the gun I’ve learned to do everything even shower with.

I stood at the top of my stairs and fired twice. Hitting him in the chest, I hear his scream, his disbelief that I’d stood up for myself.. 0 to 100 in milliseconds. I’ve never been so afraid in my life. I do not know if he is living, but I do know the police have him and that’s what helps the most.

For months of him evading the police I began to question whether he was unstoppable. Untraceable. Houdini, he would murder me and get away with it. As of now I’m in a haze of guilt, surprise, relief and disbelief. I shook as the canines drag him out from his hiding place under a bush. I survived, where so many people do not. Holy s**t, I survived.

What a remarkable account of a brave woman who took her personal power back by arming and preparing herself. Your personal firearm will respond more quickly than the police can ever do.

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