Woman who advertised for strangers to rape lady who outbid her on ‘dream home’ is SPARED jail

A former ‘Mother of the Year’ who admitted to terrorizing a couple after they outbid her for her dream home has been ordered to keep away from them for 10 years. This tale about a complete lack of boundaries and obsession over a house will make you look twice at those around you to be sure:


Kathy J. Rowe, 53, expressed her regret as she was sentenced in San Diego, California on Friday, where she was also handed down a year of electronic surveillance and five years of probation. Court records document how Rowe tormented Jerry Rice, 40, and Janice Ruhter, 37, for months after they moved into the home in the upscale neighborhood of Carmel Valley in 2011. Soon after the move, they noticed their home was mysteriously listed for sale online. Their mail stopped over Christmas and they were inundated with more than $1,000 worth of magazines and books they had not ordered, People reported.

Then on Valentine’s Day, a neighbor confronted Rice demanding to know why he had sent a card to his wife. Eight other wives in the neighborhood also received similar cards. But most shocking was when Rice typed his wife’s name into an internet search engine and discovered that there were ads inviting men to their home for a ‘Carmel Valley Freak Show’.

Rowe, pretending to be the couple, had advertised for men to visit the home and force themselves upon Ruhter, claiming it was her fantasy to be raped. The wife’s photo and address were included in the postings, which were made sometime between October 2011 and June 2012.

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‘I love to be surprised and have a man just show up at my door and force his way in the door and on me, totally taking me while I say no,’ Rowe wrote to one man who responded, according to reports.

One man decided to follow up on the offer, but was thwarted once by a locked gate and a second time when the husband answered the door.

After the posts emerged, Rowe, a county administrative analyst who was named as a San Diego ‘Mother of the Year’ in 2007 for how she cared for her disabled daughter, was charged with solicitation of rape and stalking charges.

The prosecutor said the charges were filed because Rowe’s actions went far beyond a prank. In December, Rowe entered a plea bargain over the stalking charges, in exchange for prosecutors to drop felony charges of soliciting rape and sodomy and misdemeanor charges of identity theft and harassment. Conviction of soliciting rape would have required Rowe to register for life as a sex offender.

In court on Friday, Rowe apologized to the couple for what she had put them through.

‘I just wanted to say how humiliated I am by my behavior – that this is not representative of who I am. I’ve never behaved like this – never will again,’ she said, Fox5 reported.

She said she acted due to the stress she was under and never intended to cause the couple any harm – but in court, the couple said they felt terrorized.

‘The home should be a place of safety and sanctuary,’ Ruhter said. ‘But I never truly felt this way in our house. I felt most secure away from my home. The house became my prison.’

Rice added: ‘Had law enforcement not intervened in this case, I am certain Mrs. Rowe would have continued her attacks until she successfully brought physical harm to a member of my family.’

In a letter to a judge last year, Rowe explained it had been ‘devastating’ when she lost the house due to mis-communication with real estate agents, and a more attractive bid from the other couple.

She had her heart set on the home because it was a single story, to accommodate her severely disabled daughter, and had a pool, to provide exercise for her husband following a heart attack.

‘The anger and grief over losing that house (and especially in the way we did) drove me to behave in a very childish way and to do what I thought were childish pranks to let off steam and ease the pain,’ Rowe said. ‘I never intended for them to be hurtful.’

Yea, well boo-hoo. We don’t always get what we want in life, sweetheart. You were lucky and somehow got off lightly. What the judge should have ordered is a mental health evaluation for your sorry butt. Inviting people to rape your neighbors? That’s just disgusting and wrong. Get the help you need lady, and please never buy a hose in my neighborhood.


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