Woman Being Charged With Leaving Kids Locked in Hot Car Does it AGAIN at Court

Woman Being Charged With Leaving Kids Locked in Hot Car Does it AGAIN at Court

This is Olympic-level stupid and I can’t believe it actually exists. Laquanda Newby, 25, is facing charges for leaving her kids locked in a hot car. Upon her arrival to court, she does it AGAIN, leaving her kids in the car outside the courthouse. Brilliant.



The woman, 25-year-old Laquanda Newby, picked up additional charges and was arrested with no chance of bail. She was slapped with three counts of contributing to the delinquency or abuse of a child after police claimed she left her kids in a vehicle outside the Henrico County Courthouse, as well as for a previous incident.

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Police found the children in the locked car following a witness tip off. They were found in the vehicle with the windows shut while temperatures were reportedly in the 90’s. Surveillance footage showed they had been there for over an hour.

Their shirts were wet, sweat rolling off their brows. They seemed to be OK, but it was very hot. Had a citizen not alerted us to this, it’s a situation that would’ve turned out much differently.

Officers gave the children, aged six and one, water and snacks until their father came and picked them up.

This woman doesn’t deserve to babysit a goldfish, let alone take care of children. I hope the judge throws the book at her.

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