Woman Discovered Her Company Was Tracking Her Movements 24/7 With an App, She Deleted It & THEN Was Fired!

A woman is suing her former employers after being fired for removing an app from her phone that was tracking her whereabouts.  Wait, what?


Documents filed in Kern County Superior Court on May 5, which were uploaded by Ars Technica, say that Myrna Arias, who was employed last year as a sales executive at Intermex Wire Transfer in Bakersfield, was required to download Xora, a smartphone app that “contained a global positioning system (GPS), which tracked the exact location of the person processing the smartphone on which it was installed.” Courthouse News pointed out that Xora is now called ClickSoftware Solution.

The documents state that Arias and some coworkers asked the company if the app would track their movements outside of work.

She likened it to being a prisoner with an ankle bracelet. No word on if/when the Obama Administration will be adapting similar practices.

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