Woman Finds Out Shocking Truth About Father of Her Baby and it Tore Them Apart

Woman Finds Out Shocking Truth About Father of Her Baby and it Tore Them Apart

Everyone has a secret part of their lives that they want to keep hidden, but usually it’s that they wet the bed in 5th grade. Kristina found out the hard way that not all secrets are so innocent.


From The Daily Mail:

A woman has revealed the horror of discovering just hours after giving birth to their son that her boyfriend had been accused of sexually molesting two of his children from a previous relationship.

Kristina described that day as one the best days but also one of the worst for her and her family.

‘That was the last day we were able to be a family,’ she said on Dr Phil.

Two hours after giving birth, she said her family was ripped apart after Child Protective Services showed up to the hospital and revealed her boyfriend Jayson has been accused of sexually molesting his daughter and son.

Kristina recalled being told some of the ‘most heinous things that you could ever possibly think of an adult doing with a child,’ adding the details of the allegations made her ‘physically sick.’

The couple was then told that Jayson, who denies the findings against him, had to leave the hospital immediately and could not have contact with their son.

While in the hospital, Kristina said she also learned that Jayson was not allowed to have any more children, which she said according to CPS, he was fully aware of.

‘The CPS worker told me that Jayson was aware that if he had any other children after his four previous children, that they automatically would be taken away from him,’ she said.

‘He never mentioned that to me,’ Kristina added. ‘I was devastated.’

She was then given an ultimatum, forcing her to choose the love of her life or her children.

‘CPS gave me a choice. They said if I don’t sign the piece of paper that would keep Jayson out of my son’s life, they would have to take custody of all three of my children,’ she said.

‘Jayson hasn’t seen his son now for two-and-a-half months.’

Prior to the ordeal, Kristina said she let Jayson move in to her home with her and her two sons within two weeks of their first meeting, with her noting it was ‘love at first sight’ when she first met him.

She said she was aware Jayson had lost his parental rights to his four children after he told her it happened as a result of his ex-wife being neglectful.

But she claims Jayson never told her about the abuse claims.

Should he be criminally punished for not disclosing his past before having children with this women?

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