Woman Gets a Dose of Instant Karma After Assaulting a Bicyclist

Woman Gets a Dose of Instant Karma After Assaulting a Bicyclist

It’s possible that nothing is funnier than instant karma, and after this woman flips out because Grayson Throckmorton was riding his bike on the sidewalk, she gets a dose of her own. Between battery and belligerence, this crazy lady fills a full ten minutes with her hysteric, circular argument.


A Chicago woman received a taste of instant karma after assaulting a man riding his bicycle on the sidewalk.

Grayson Throckmorton published footage of the incident online which begins with the unidentified woman yelling at him for “coasting down the sidewalk” on his bicycle.

“I just want you to obey the bicycle laws! Obey the bicycle laws! Obey the bicycle laws! Obey the bicycle laws!” the woman yells. “This guy was disobeying the bicycle laws! Yay! So maybe a car will hit him? Yay!”

Moments later, the woman grows angry that she is being recorded and attempts to touch Throckmorton’s phone.

“Don’t touch my phone,” Throckmorton says. “Don’t touch me.”

“Or what?” the woman taunts.

“Or I’ll flip that cup out of your hand,” Throckmorton answers.

The upset woman then intentionally spills her drink on Throckmorton, seemingly unaware of who was standing nearby.

“Out of nowhere, an off-duty police officer comes to my defense threatening to have her arrested,” Throckmorton recalled on YouTube.

“What’s the problem?” the cop asks as he approaches the scene.

“This man was disobeying — and he was taking my picture!” she says.

“Do you realize that’s a battery?” the cop asks, referencing her spilling the drink on Throckmorton.

“No, it isn’t a battery,” she insists.

“You’re telling the police what it is?” the officer responds.

“It isn’t a battery! He was taking my picture!” the woman yells.

“Ma’am, be quiet! I’ve been a policeman for 24 years. Don’t tell me what it isn’t,” the cop says. “You have no right to do that to the man.”

Yes, Grayson was wrong for riding his bicycle on the sidewalk, but that doesn’t make it right for this woman to assault him just because she’s upset. Maybe if she spent more time listening instead of spewing her insane babble, she’s understand that the officer was saying. “Two wrongs don’t make a right,” remember?

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