Woman Getting 70K ‘Gender Reassignment’ Surgery, and You’re Paying The Bill!

Woman Getting 70K ‘Gender Reassignment’ Surgery, and You’re Paying The Bill!

Ready for Obamacare to pay for gender reassignment surgery? It’s here! A South Carolina woman, Lisa Larson, wants to have the surgery to finish the transition from man to woman but couldn’t handle the price tag. Enter Obamacare.


Larson stated that her vaginoplasty, breast implants, facial reconstruction, hormones and laser hair removal is going to run about $70,000. But now thanks to ObamaCare, she’ll only have to pay $5000 of that bill, while our precious tax dollars cover the rest.

Larson told WTOC:

“We have no control over this, if we had cancer, I’d have as much control over it, or my green eyes.

If you knew that you were in the wrong body, wouldn’t you want to be who you really were, really and truly?”

Larson also has a message for the American taxpayers who might be upset about “gender identity crisis” being covered under the Affordable Care Act. She explained, “This is healthcare, that is pertinent to saving a person’s life.”

A gender identity crisis is not a reason to ask taxpayers to pay for a $70,000 surgery. If a person wants to have a private contract with an insurer covering that type of surgery, by all means, enter into one. When government is involved in healthcare choices, then everyone has a right to know what is being paid for and to have an opinion on it.

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