Woman who ‘ripped her boyfriend’s scrotum to shreds’ after they broke up is sentenced to two years in prison

Woman who ‘ripped her boyfriend’s scrotum to shreds’ after they broke up is sentenced to two years in prison

WARNING: Reading this story left me dizzy and nauseous– consider yourself forewarned. A woman who was arrested for ripping her boyfriend’s scrotum with her bare hands during a brutal attack has been sentenced to two years in prison.

christina lorena reber

Christina Lorena Reber, 46, from Indiana, was convicted last year of felony battery in connection with the March 2012 attack inside her 60-year-old boyfriend’s home. She was ordered to spend two years in custody by a Circuit Court judge who said her ex-beau suffered ‘an extraordinarily heinous injury’ at her hands after she left his scrotum torn to shreds. According to a police report obtained by The Smoking Gun the man’s scrotum was left with a long wide tear which had been completely torn loose from his body.

During his bedside interview at Ball Memorial Hospital in Muncie, Indiana, cops said that his shirt was also covered in blood. And when investigators checked in on the man two days after the attack, he reported that his bleeding scrotum was so swollen that he was unable to walk and was missing work.

The man, who has not been named, said that he had broken up with Reber several days before the assault. He told police that on the day of the attack he was at home working on his computer when Reber walked into his house uninvited and began punching him in the head.

He described how she grabbed hold of his scrotum, dug her fingers in, and began squeezing it as hard as she could causing him incredible pain. Using her fingers to continually dig in to his scrotum, the victim said that she refused to let go or release her grip. He recalled that the pair then began fighting and both fell to the ground giving him the opportunity to pry his testicles from her hands.

The man received stitches at Ball Memorial Hospital, but subsequently required reconstructive surgery. He has suffered ongoing pain since the attack.

If you were considering naming your child “Lorena” this story should have you thinking twice as this woman’s middle name matches the infamous Lorena Bobbitt who attacked her husbands privates over 20 years ago. I am absolutely horrified–

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