Woman Slams Police on Facebook, they Responded in an Epic Way

Woman Slams Police on Facebook, they Responded in an Epic Way

One of the negative aspects of modern society is the prevalence of social media. Too many share their every move and thought. However, there are some benefits to this oversharing- it allows liars to be exposed. When a woman lied about her encounter with police on Facebook, the police were able to set her straight in a respectful but awesome way.


The left creates what they want the outcome to be, whether it’s true or not.  Every single cause championed by liberals is based on a fake story. They make up events that didn’t happen and get apoplectic over things that never will happen.

Christy Carter claimed in a Facebook rant that she was pulled over by a cop for driving one mile over the speed limit, and that she subsequently lost her job after the officer held her up for 19 minutes on her way to work.

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Shortly after, she was busted for lying about what really happened when she was pulled over.

From Mirror:

A woman who slammed her local police force for making her lose her job after she was pulled over for speeding was stunned when officers replied to her post on Facebook.

So she demanded to know if the officer would help her with her rent and repayments on her car, warning that she faced homelessness.



But instead of agreeing with her version of events, the police department commented on her review with a very different description of what happened.


The response from the police department in the American city of Owasso, Oklahoma, was liked more than 1,000 times before the review was deleted.

When you want to go on Facebook and lie about the police… you get OWNED! Bravo, to the OPD. Not only did the officer go above and beyond during her traffic stop but the response made the point without being insulting.

Nobody likes to be pulled-over and lord knows that too many traffic tickets are written out of an unfair need to generate revenue.

However, it’s always great to see a cop-basher get set straight and it’s even better that it has happened so publicly.

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