Woman Tries to Steal Trump Yard Sign…Gets Big Dose of Karma [VIDEO]

Woman Tries to Steal Trump Yard Sign…Gets Big Dose of Karma [VIDEO]

If ever anyone deserved to be caught or embarrassed, it is people who steal political signs from private property. And Phillip, last name withheld, decided that he was going to ensure that his Trump sign stayed put and that any would-be thief was stymied in his or in this case, her, attempt at taking his personal property.

This guy concocted a setup using a video camera and green painted fishing line to nab a sign stealer in action. As she attempted to grab a sign from his lawn, she looked like the complete fool she is, as she tripped and fell. Why do people think they have the right to first of all, trespass on someone else’s property and then, to take things they do not own. This writer had her Trump sign stolen from the front yard by some rude person. Unlike Phillip, I never saw who did it. But rest assured if I had, I would have filed a police report. Time for sign stealers to grow up and understand they may see signs they don’t like. Grownups realize they have to deal with it. Grownups don’t trespass and steal. Lawbreakers do. But then it’s not a stretch to imagine Hillary has many lawbreakers on her side. Birds of a feather.

See hilarious video below:


Sonja Bochow

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