NAUSEATING VIDEO: Kerry Gives Paris His Promised ‘Big Hug’ Plus Brings James Taylor With a Special Song

NAUSEATING VIDEO: Kerry Gives Paris His Promised ‘Big Hug’ Plus Brings James Taylor With a Special Song

After a Obama administration was a NO-SHOW at the world leaders solidarity march against terrorism in Paris last week, John Kerry steps up and offers France a hug and a special James Taylor song… no joke!

John Kerry james Taylor

Secretary of State John Kerry delivered on his promise to give the French a “big hug” in an extended public expression of sorrow and solidarity over the Islamic terrorist attacks that left 17 dead.

Kerry, the highest-ranking U.S. official to visit France since the attacks on a Jewish grocery story and the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, embraced French President Francois Hollande, met with Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius and deployed his fluent French in a live televised address.

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“I think you know that you have the full and heartfelt condolences of the American people, and I know you know that we share the pain and the horror of everything that you went through,” Kerry told Hollande at an early morning meeting on Friday at the presidential palace in Paris. In his address, he touched on the two countries’ historic ties and invoked their strength in the face of terror.

AND THEN John Kerry was joined by American singer James Taylor, a longtime friend, who performed “You’ve Got a Friend” tribute to the people he had snubbed last week.

Nothing says: ‘Sorry for not supporting the world against terrorism and coming to your most important world march, how about a hug?’ like James Taylor song ‘You’ve Got a Friend’. Ironically the line in the song that says ‘all you have to do is call, Lord, I’ll be there’ was a great way tell Paris and the world just what kind of a friend the U.S. is under current leadership. Below is the vomit worthy song… bring your tissue and plastic bag to spew in.

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