WOW: Here’s What Else Happened Last Night…

WOW: Here’s What Else Happened Last Night…

Lots of excitement hitting America, because this is in fact some exciting times to live in. Looking at last night’s ‘big deal’ piece of news that took place, we have a few more things that happened that have been deemed as worthy to share. So we’re going to do just that.


As you all know, elephants are absolutely marching through the country like a stampede! However, not in a stampede set for destruction, but one set for FINALLY ‘Making America GREAT Again’.

Across the board, Republicans have taken the country back. Given time when the rotten ones have been picked out, it won’t be long before even Democrats are going to see just how great this country can be when you run it on the grounds of integrity and true love for country and its constitution.

We know now that not only did Donald Trump, this nation’s president-elect, capture swift victory last night, but so did Kentucky Republicans.

It’s been a long 95 YEARS since the state house in this Bluegrass State was red.

That’s huge!

It was way back in 1921 when Republicans last led the chamber. The Kentucky House has been the only law-making chamber in the South still under control of Democrats. Then last night history was made.

Kentucky Republicans have reached their peak in victory with power in the House, the Senate and governorship.

According to the Lexington Herald Leader, “At a victory party in Louisville, Bevin and Hoover sported red caps that bore #NewMajority in white lettering.”

The now Republican state of Kentucky has still an Attorney General and Secretary of State who are the Democratic officials that still remain.

It’s almost like a national trend that has literally caught on RED hot fire over night! Kentucky is a perfect state-level example of this trend.

BlackLivesMatter and their invisible white liberal puppet masters thought killing our police officers would get them what they wanted. They thought gambling with our health insurance would paralyze us with fear of the unknown and we would stand still. Torturing the minds of our nation’s youth with Common Core and their hidden effort to dumb down our kids through their deceptive education take-over, they thought would keep us ignorant to the dark secrets they hid in plain sight.

It has all backfired on them. We sat silent, gave them an opportunity to self-correct and they continued to create more chaos through their stupidity. So now, Americans have spoken and shown exactly what they want in a BIG WAY. These election results are the BIGGEST middle finger to liberal America. They had their chance and they squandered it on selfish, divisive actions.


The New MAJORITY is here and has been heard not only in Kentucky, but throughout this entire nation.

God Bless America!

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