WOW! U.S Air Force Official Goes Off On Lawmakers: “Enough is Enough!”

WOW! U.S Air Force Official Goes Off On Lawmakers: “Enough is Enough!”

Time and time again, Democrat presidents have left our military unprepared for the challenges of warfare and time and time again, it has taken a toll both in terms of lives and money. On his website, retired Lieutenant Colonel Allen West shared a report detailing the Air Force’s frustration with the apparent unwillingness of Washington to give our fighting forces the funding they need:


The Secretary of the United States Air Force recently went off on the continued downsizing of the military. The U.S. Air Force has reached a record low it has not seen in over twenty five years.

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The U.S. Air Force has a quarter of the number of fighter squadrons it did 25 years ago and two-thirds of the active duty airmen, a drop that threatens U.S. air superiority, defense officials told lawmakers on Friday.

‘Enough is enough,’ Air Force Secretary Deborah James told lawmakers in the House of Representatives as she defended a Pentagon budget request that exceeds federal spending caps. ‘Given the state of the world … the number one thing we have to stop is this downsizing.’

But members of the defense appropriations subcommittee said President Barack Obama’s 2016 Pentagon base budget of $534 billion exceeded spending caps by nearly $35 billion and would have to be cut.

Some $10 billion of that would have to come from the Air Force request, they said.

‘The budget he (Obama) submitted … frankly is politically … a fantasy,’ said Representative Tom Cole of Oklahoma. ‘It’s not going to pass, and he knows that.’

Cole said he hoped lawmakers ultimately would be able to reach a bipartisan deal to provide some relief from the spending limits.

Like believing that owning a firearm creates violence, Democrats (and some moderate Republicans) appear to believe that having a strong military creates conflict. However, ewe must be willing to be realistic about the world in which we live.

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